Call of Duty Modern Warfare announced for October

Rumors and teases for Call of Duty 2019 have been popping up all week, and Activision has finally ended the charade by announcing that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will release on October 25 2019. The game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC via, just like last year’s title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4The developer once again is Call of Duty series creators Infinity Ward, who have made all the titles in the franchise’s popular Modern Warfare series, of which this game is reportedly a “reimagining.”

Unlike last year’s Black Ops 4, the new Modern Warfare will once again have an intense offline single-player story-based campaign, which Activision describes as an “incredibly raw, gritty, provocative narrative that brings unrivaled intensity and shines a light on the changing nature of modern war.” The campaign is also described as “edgy, culturally relevant and thought-provoking.” Players will fight through major European cities and across the Middle East, alongside special forces, tier one operators, and freedom fighters from those areas, in covert operations. You can check out the game’s reveal trailer below, which promises that “the rules have changed.”

Modern Warfare will also see the return of popular Modern Warfare characters such as the heavily-mustached Captain Price, who was last seen in 2011’s Modern Warfare 3. Activision has only revealed details of the single-player side of the game so far, as it’s presumably saving multiplayer for a later date. There also will be new tech powering Modern Warfare, with a brand new engine sporting all the latest graphical features. You can see for yourself the leap in technology in the trailer. It’s impressive stuff, considering it’s still only running on a current-gen PS4 and Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release on Friday, October 25, and we may well see more of the game at E3 in June.