More Dying Light 2 details to be revealed at Square Enix’s E3 show

Techland promised updates on Dying Light 2 coming into E3 2019. Now, thanks to Square Enix stepping up to publish the game, those Dying Light 2 details will be revealed at Square Enix’s E3 show.

The company announced on Twitter that it would be publishing Dying Light 2 in the Americas. As part of this, the publisher confirmed that it would be bringing the game to the Square Enix E3 Live 2019 show.

Square Enix E3 Live 2019 takes place on Monday, June 10, 2019 at 9 PM EST. The show takes Sony’s old time slot from previous conventions, which has been open since the company revealed it wouldn’t be attending E3 2019.

A few months back, Techland stated that it would be coming to E3 with an “ambitious” update. It seems that the company will be making this “ambitious” update about the game at Square Enix’s show.

Techland last dropped details about Dying Light 2 back in September of last year. Back then, the developers talked about the game’s multiplayer component. Techland stated that it would have a number of surprises for the game’s multiplayer. However, one of these surprises won’t be a battle royale mode. Lead designer Tymon Smektala confirmed that such a mode wouldn’t be included in the new game.

Aside from the multiplayer options, Techland also revealed the game’s new setting and tone. The studio hinted that the game’s world would change depending on the choices that the players made. Aside from this, the developers also demonstrated the game’s updated parkour mechanics and melee combat.

One important bit of information that Techland didn’t reveal back in September was the game’s release date. This is likely the biggest piece of information about Dying Light 2 that players are waiting for. Could the game’s release date finally be revealed at Square Enix’s show? Fans will have to wait until E3 2019 to find out.

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