Destiny 2’s ‘next chapter’ reveal slated for next week

Bungie might not be going to E3 this year but the esteemed developer has got a Destiny 2 reveal slated for next week, just before the big show. This announcement talking about the game’s “next chapter” will take place on June 6 at 10 AM PT presumably on Bungie’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The studio and new publisher did not share any more details other than the date and time.

The tweet reveals that it is the “next chapter of Destiny 2,” which is wide open for interpretation since that could mean a bunch of different things. It could possibly be a more intensive and detailed roadmap for the future of Destiny 2 outside of Activision’s control. It has been a few months since the split and that time might have allowed Bungie to nail down some specifics about the broader future of the game.

This reveal could also be elaborating on the Season of Opulence, as the patch notes are dropping on June 4. It’s also plausible that this could detail a new expansion or the bigger content drops coming to the title. However, we will not know for sure until the stream. Destiny 2 is a large, living game so its future can take many different paths and be a combination of a bunch of different things.

Bungie did say that whatever this is is coming to all platforms too in a later tweet. However, that was it since the developer only responded with vague GIFs after that so people wanting to read into more tweets are a bit out of luck.

But Bungie has been speaking about the aforementioned Season of Opulence. It is an upcoming event in Destiny 2 that is running from June to August and will bring some new events, gear, raid, lore, and a six-player activity. Some of this content is available to all players while owners of the Annual Pass will get access to exclusive stuff like imperial summons, treasure hunts, and more.

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