Discovery Game Studios launched to license games based on its various shows

Discovery, Inc., the owner of channels such as TLC, Animal Planet, and of course Discovery Channel, has launched Discovery Game Studios. The new studio will handle licensing and distribution of any games based on the company’s various channels and properties

Cable channels like the Discovery Channel, TLC, and HGTV may not be what people think of as prime material to turn into video games. However, the newly formed studio already has 12 games currently out on the market. These games include titles such as Discovery #MINDBLOWNDiesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator, Red Crimes, Wheeler Deals, and Street Outlaws.

Of course, games based on Discovery properties that are currently under development will also be released under the studio. These include games based on shows such as Deadliest Catch, Moonshiners, and Naked & Afraid.

“We are always working to find new and exciting ways to interact with our fans and give them more content from their favorite shows,” states Discovery, Inc. director of marketing and digital products Matt Bonaccorso. “Whether it’s exploring the world’s harshest environments or most stunning animal life, or investigating true crimes or perfect dress options, Discovery Game Studios is focused on creating innovative and interactive experiences that not only build upon the success of our series, but also surprise and delight our fans.”

As mentioned, Discovery Game Studios will focus mostly on licensing properties for games on PC, mobile, and console, as well as international distribution of these games. The set up for the studio is similar to that of Marvel Games. As with Discovery Game Studios, Marvel Games also focuses on licensing and distribution of games based on Marvel’s properties. However, Marvel don’t actually do any development itself.

Of course, Discovery’s properties don’t exactly have the same kind of pop culture cachet as Marvel’s. That said, the fact that games have been developed based on these shows demonstrates that there is a market for these types of experiences. Additionally, Discover is also better-positioned than most when it comes to educational games aimed at children and adults alike.