Apple iTunes for Mac splits into three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV

Apple iTunes is no more. The venerable program will be split into three programs for the release of MacOS X Catalina. For years, iTunes has been Apple’s catch-all app that served as the front for its media store and a user’s personal library. Unfortunately, iTunes has turned into a mess as Apple packed more and more features into it, and the company is finally addressing the issues that users have had with it for years.

Instead of packing all of your media into one app, iTunes has been split into three new apps that mirror the arrangement seen on iOS and Apple TV. With Catalina, Macs will have a Music, Podcasts, and TV app which split your media into those categories.

Additionally, iTunes sync is also dead. From now on, you’ll be able to manually sync to your Apple devices via the finder. When connected to your Mac you’ll be able to drag and drop files just like the device was an SD card or USB drive. This is something that people have wanted for years and years, to the point where several third-party solutions were devised to make it possible.

Apple’s continued openness and willingness to listen to customers has led to quite a few improvements announced at WWDC today. One of the most significant issues users have had since the premiere of the iPod is how iTunes interfaces with Apple devices. Now it’s gone, and very few will mourn its passing.