Raging Loop Western release coming this year

Psychological horror is creeping up on the Nintendo Switch this year. The Raging Loop Western release has been confirmed and will reach North American and European audiences in the coming months. A visual novel with a bloody plotline, Raging Loop caters to fans of mystery-solving horror.

For those of you who have been to camp or have been part of tabletop clubs, the general mechanics of Raging Loop may ring a few bells. It is an ode to group games such as Mafia or Werewolf, where some players are mysterious bad guys and others are good. The bad guys kill one good guy at a time, and the good guys vote on who they think the bad guys are and kill them in return. Teams try to dodge accusations and frame others until one team is victorious in killing all opposition.

In Raging Loop, you play as Haruaki Fusaishi, a graduate whose motorbike breaks down in the mountains. He meets a girl who offers to let him spend the night in her village. Before he can leave the village, a red mist surrounds the area. An event known as “the feast” has begun. Villagers are killed overnight. They are victims of the wolves, a group of people who kill one villager every day of the feast. In order to end the twisted events, the townsfolk vote on one person to be hanged every day until all of the wolves are killed, freeing the village from its fate.

Much like Werewolf and Mafia, there are people with special abilities to help solve the murders. Raging Loop incorporates these mechanics as well. The snake can tell if someone is a wolf or human. The spider can save someone from being killed. The crow can discern if a corpse belonged to a wolf or human. Finally, there are two monkeys who are aware of each other’s identities.

Think you can solve who the wolves are and avoid sending innocent people to the grave? Keep an eye out for Raging Loop updates, as the release date and cost have yet to be announced.