Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area brings co-op open world adventures and Max Raid Battles

Nintendo and Game Freak have confirmed the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. This open world, free camera area offers 4 player co-op, too. This is in the form of Max Raid Battles. This can be played locally or online. The Pokemon Wild Area stretches between cities and offers a huge land to explore, filled with different Pokemon at different times and weather.

The Wild Area contains the largest number of Pokemon in any area of the Galar region. It appears as though there will not be random battles in the Wild Area, although this is yet to be confirmed. Rather, it looks like Pokemon will appear on the screen, flying through the skies, running through the fields, and swimming in lakes. You can go fishing, shakedown trees for Berries, and more, too.

The giant Wild Area looks as though you can explore anywhere and everywhere in its vast expanse. As stated above, you will have full 3D movement in the Wild Area, with complete control over your camera, too. A first for the Pokemon series. It really does look like Breath of the Wild and Pokemon had a baby here.

Another first, the Wild Area contains Max Raid Battles. These Max Raid Battles are Dynamax battles that can be played with up to three other players in either local or online co-op. You are tasked with joining forces with other players to fight against a wild Dynamax Pokemon that doesn’t revert back to normal size. What’s more, these Dynamax Pokemon have special abilities that will make them even tougher to bring down. Only one of the four trainers will be able to make use of the new Dynamax system during a Max Raid Battle. If you beat the Dynamax Pokemon, you will be able to catch it.

The wild Pokemon that appear in Max Raid Battles depends on the weather and area of the Wild Area, too. Some of them can only be caught after you beat them in Max Raid Battles. Time to get training, Pokemon Masters.