E3 2019 | Elder Scrolls 6 absent from Bethesda E3 event

One notable absentee from the Bethesda E3 2019 press conference this year is Elder Scrolls 6. Despite the studio (and Todd Howard) revealing its hand when it comes to a number of other titles in the year(s) ahead, the successor to Skyrim isn’t present as this year’s show. As you can imagine, an Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2019 absence has gone down like a lead balloon with some in the community, but it was to be expected, as both that and Starfield had already been announced as MIA, despite being briefly namechecked during the show itself.

Speaking at a PAX East event earlier this year (H/T GameSpot), Howard revealed that “It’s not something we’re going to be talking about at E3 either [of Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6] this year. And so patience, please.”

The internet reacts to the Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2019 absence

That, right there, should have marked the death knell for any and all Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2019 hopes, though a (vocal) minority has voiced their frustrations. Taking to Twitter, some were left crestfallen by the Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2019 absence.

So, what for the future of Elder Scrolls 6? Howard remarked to an IGN Unfiltered podcast that Elder Scrolls 6 “is a game we need to design for people to play for a decade at least.” What’s one E3 absence in the face of playing the new Elder Scrolls gameuntil 2030, eh?

The message is clear. While we didn’t see anything related to Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2019, there’s still plenty of time to get excited about it, even if the next console generation (probably) beckons for Bethesda’s free-time-sapping RPG.