Capcom teases Monster Hunter: World Iceborne reveals for June 6

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Tigrex reveal, Capcom is now teasing more reveals for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne. The developers recently released their E3 schedule and are hinting that they will be revealing more things on June 6.

Alongside the recent trailer, Capcom’s Yuri Araujo made a post on the Capcom-Unity website detailing the studio’s schedule for E3 2019. In the post, he tells people to stay tuned for updates “especially on June 6.”

Looking at the schedule itself, the entry for June 12 states that the people who will be part of the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne live demo at E3 will be revealed on June 6. However, Araujo emphasizing the date does seem to indicate that there’s more to come from the team tomorrow.

During the recent trailer, Capcom placed a pretty blatant tease for the return of yet another fan-favorite monster, Glavenus. It’s possible that this sword-tailed brute wyvern will be confirmed tomorrow.

The rest of the post was dedicated to Capcom’s streaming schedule for E3 2019. It seems to indicate that Capcom’s E3 live streams will be dominated by Monster Hunter: World Iceborne as well as Street Fighter 5‘s Street Fighter League.

For Iceborne, Capcom will have a developer showcase with Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka at 2:00 PM ET on June 11. After this, Linda “VampyBitMe” Le will be hosting a live demo of the game at 3:30 PM ET and 5:30 PM ET. VampyBitMe will also be hosting more Iceborne demos at 2:00 PM ET and 5:30 PM ET on June 12, and 1:00 PM ET and 4:00 PM ET on June 13. The 5:30 PM ET slot on June 12 is where she’ll have the two as-yet unnamed guests play the game with her.

The remainder of the slots will be dedicated to Street Fighter League Pro-US exhibitions, including a couple where regular players get to challenge pros.

The amount of time dedicated to Monster Hunter: World Iceborne in Capcom’s stream schedule does seem to indicate that the developers have a lot of new content to show for the expansion. Given the nature of the announcement, we hope Capcom has a juicy reveal planned. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out.