E3 2019 | Battlefield 5 roadmap revealed with Marita Map Vistas trailer

At the EA Play direct streaming event, which is kicking off E3 this year, Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed the latest details for Battlefield 5 and how and where the game will be expanding in the coming months. The team showed off the Battlefield 5 roadmap for the rest of 2019, including the first proper gameplay from the upcoming maps, including the 64-player Marita map, which is due to arrive in July.

The upcoming Marita map is set around Operation Marita, which was the German invasion of Greece during World War 2. It’s set in a Greek mountainside village, with a fortress towering over it, and is more close-quarters and infantry-focused, with few vehicles. The map is built for up to 64 players and, with its mountainous design, features an emphasis on verticality. The release date is set for “July.”

What is the Battlefield 5 roadmap for 2019?

The new maps are set to be introduced as part of the fourth chapter of Battlefield 5‘s Tides of War, which DICE is calling Defying the Odds. Just like the game’s previous expansion content (as well as the DLC for the studio’s other title Star Wars Battlefront 2), Chapter 4 and all its maps will be free for anyone who owns the game. Defying the Odds will begin later this month on June 27 with the Al Sundan, another 64-player map set around an airbase in the North African desert. Marita will join shortly after that in July, and the final two maps, the smaller-scale Lofoten Island and Provence, are due to drop later in summer.

Later in the year, the team will drop Operation Underground in October, which is seemingly inspired by Battlefield 3‘s Operation Metro map, and is set in a German Metro train station. Beyond that, DICE has teased a return to the Pacific side of the war, complete with the Japanese army.

You can watch the new Marita map trailer below.