Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal has fans worried about explosive spam

Battlefield 2042 gameplay was revealed during the Xbox E3 2021 conference. It showed many different maps and modes, while focusing in on the massive impact that tornados, sandstorms, and rocket launches can have. It certainly looked impressive as a spectacle, but some keen-eyed fans spotted some potential causes for concern. Explosive spam can be an issue for multiplayer shooters and it looks like BF2042 will feature many different explosive weapons.

Should fans be worried about Battlefield 2042 explosive spam?

Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal

Fans shouldn’t necessarily be worried about Battlefield 2042 explosive spam based on the initial gameplay trailer.

In the top-left corner of the gameplay trailer, the word “Pre-Alpha” can be seen. This means that the gameplay is from an early version of the game. Everything seen is subject to change and likely will be tweaked by the final release.

Those concerned about seeing five claymores in a player’s kit shouldn’t worry just yet, as it’s unlikely the developers at DICE will give players so many explosives.

This is also the case with all classes being able to equip lock-on rocket launchers with plenty of ammo reserves. Again, it’s unlikely DICE is giving every class the ability to automatically lock onto enemy aircraft and take them down with ease.

The pre-alpha gameplay showcased during the Xbox E3 2021 conference features a number of DICE media team members. The matches shown appear to be the devs simply setting up shots for cool moments like the C4 jeep. The explosive limit could have been temporarily increased to make it easier for the team.

For those worrying about explosive spam, here’s hoping Battlefield 2042 is well-balanced with just enough explosions. DICE will hopefully reveal more soon.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, the level destruction seen in the trailer is Levolution evolved. Tornados, sandstorms, and rocket launches all cause the battlefield to change in big ways.

The BF2024 reveal trailer included a big nod to veteran players, celebrating the impressive RendeZook trickshot.

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