Battlefield 2042 trailer features a big nod to veteran players

It’s official, Battlefield 2042 is the new BF game. Revealed in a big, explosive trailer, BF2042 included a number of epic “Only in Battlefield” moments. These included a famous maneuver popularized by YouTube creator, Stun_gravy. It’s sure to be a highlight for veteran members of the community.

Battlefield 2042 RendeZook move is a reveal trailer highlight

Battlefield 2042 rendezook

In the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer, we see a jet being chased by an enemy jet. The lead pilot pivots up to the sky, with the enemy jet following behind. The jet pilot then ejects out of his aircraft, simultaneously putting out a rocket launch, before taking out the enemy. Then, the surviving pilot gets back into their own jet for a stylish finish.

This move is known as the RendeZook. It became popular during the life of Battlefield 3, where Stun_gravy shared a clip of them pulling it off.

Though it’s been 6 years since Stun_gravy posted a video to YouTube, their legacy lives on in the new Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer. It’s an epic moment that celebrates the “Only in Battlefield” moments that developer DICE likes to highlight.

It’s also worth mentioning the moment when a quadbike is driven into a helicopter to take it out. Veteran players may experience a twang of nostalgia here, too, though it would have been better if quad had C4 plastered to it!

Take a look at the original RendeZook move from Battlefield 3 below. At the time of writing, it has been viewed over 13.5 million times since being published way back in 2011.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, there have been several significant leaks. One points towards the not-yet-announced release date of the game.

Another BF2042 leak suggests that an open beta will be held before the game’s launch. This would give players early access to a pre-launch build of the game to test.

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