Battlefield 2042 will get an open beta ahead of release, leak suggests

If the leaks and rumors from today are correct, EA will launch a Battlefield 2042 beta ahead of the game’s release later this year. Anyone looking to try out the new Battlefield game early will possibly have a chance to if the news of a Battlefield 2042 open beta is correct. This news of a possible Battlefield 2042 early access beta will likely get revealed shortly in EA’s own livestream, but for now, here are all the rumored details.

When will the possible Battlefield 2042 beta release?

Battlefield 2042 beta

The leak from Origin notes that “members can deploy early with Access to the Open Beta” ahead of the game’s Ultimate Edition release date of October 15.

Presumably this is referring to EA Play or EA Play Pro members, EA’s game subscription service, as well as Ultimate Edition owners. Hopefully the open beta will be available to everyone looking to try out Battlefield 2042 early. It is called an “open” beta, after all. As the game’s release date is October, it’s possible the previous teases about August 29 may refer to the first beta.

Most of the leaks about Battlefield 2042 from today come from user Popygay on Reddit, who in turn got them from none other than EA itself. The new Battlefield game actually went live on EA’s Origin storefront for a while this morning, with the first gameplay screenshots and cover being the first things to get leaked to the internet. Beyond that, of course, were the first notes about a possible open beta.

The first Battlefield 2042 reveal is happening today, ahead of E3 2021 next week and EA’s own EA Play event in July, which is probably why the Origin page went up today by accident. There’s also a Battlefield mobile game on the way too, although that’s not due out until at least 2022. We’ll know more very soon.