Battlefield 2042 screenshots and cover leak ahead of E3

In a massive leak ahead of E3 2021, a bunch of Battlefield 2042 gameplay screenshots and the game’s cover have been revealed online, and the culprit seems to be none other than EA itself. The game formerly known as Battlefield 6 popped up on EA’s own Battlefield 2042 Origin store page earlier today, where it was grabbed by eagle-eyed internetites. The Battlefield 2042 cover and first gameplay screenshots are now out in the wild, and can be seen below.

What do the leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay screenshots show?

Battlefield 2042 gameplay screenshots

While E3 2021 isn’t until next week, and Electronic Arts’ own presentation EA Play isn’t happening until July 22, the first images and even the cover of this year’s new Battlefield game have leaked thanks to EA’s Origin storefront. The cover is pretty standard for a Battlefield game, with a soldier looking back over their shoulder with a uniform that almost looks on fire. The gameplay screenshots are more exciting, however.

Aside from the massive graphical upgrade over Battlefield 5, which is understandable given Battlefield 2042 will be the first game in the series to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the shots also showcase some fantastic effects too. The weather effects could be even more exciting, as the tornado and wingsuit shot looks straight out of Just Cause 4.

The first Battlefield 2042 reveal is actually happening today, a little later than previously expected, which is probably why these images got pushed out early. The reveal trailer goes live soon as part of a special Battlefield livestream. The release date will probably get announced if it’s not been leaked already, with previous teases that it’ll be in August that might turn out to be some other reveal or a playable beta instead. There’s also a Battlefield mobile game on the way too, although that’s not due out until at least next year. We’ll know more very soon.