‘Biggest team ever’ working on Battlefield 6 with reveal coming soon

While it’s not a full announcement yet, EA and DICE have finally revealed some details about this year’s Battlefield game, which presumably will be Battlefield 6. The Battlefield 6 reveal trailer, along with more concrete details about the Battlefield 6 release date and time, will apparently not be too far off, and DICE also had a few exciting details to share about Battlefield 2021’s development and how it will be the biggest one yet.

Battlefield 6 reveal release date and time

The latest info we have on the Battlefield 6 reveal was released in a blog post on EA’s website by Oskar Gabrielson, the General Manager at DICE, where they confirmed that the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer is coming “soon,” although the joking trademark symbol and winking emoji suggests that it won’t be next week or anything.

The most likely Battlefield 6 reveal trailer time to drop will be during E3 2021 in June, although as of right now EA is not confirmed to be at the event. If EA doesn’t attend, the publisher will likely hold its own EA Play 2021 event at a similar time to E3 2021.

In the blog post, DICE confirms that the Battlefield 6 release date is still later this year, holiday 2021, which if previous years are to go by will probably mean October or November. It is of course planned for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, although Battlefield 6 PS4 and Xbox One versions are not ruled out so last-gen console owners will have to wait and see.

“The biggest Battlefield development team ever” is apparently working on Battlefield 6, which along with EA’s planned commitment to live-service games will hopefully mean a lot of ongoing support for Battlefield 6. DICE certainly needs to support the game better than it did with Battlefield 5, and after the complete collapse of BioWare’s live-service title Anthem and its upgrade cancelation by EA, Battlefield 6 needs to be something special.