Battlefield 6 release date teased ahead of reveal event

The Battlefield 6 reveal is now just days away, though the game’s official Twitter account might be hinting at a launch date ahead of time. Battlefield content creators are receiving private messages from the account containing an image with partially redacted text. Part of the cryptic communication reads “DATE OF TRANSMISSION: XXXX | 01 | 04 3600 HRS” in what could be a Battlefield 6 release date tease.

When is Battlefield 6 coming out?

Battlefield 6 release date

The Battlefield 6 release date could be August 29, 2021. That date is 3,600 hours from April 1, which is the “date of transmission” for BF6 according to a marketing image.

@Battlefield is sending the image (below) to figureheads of the community. While portions of the text are intentionally illegible, the “date of transmission” is mostly plain to see. The year is censored, though it seems reasonable to assume it’s referencing the current year; EA CEO Andrew Wilson has already given confirmation that the new Battlefield game is targeting a 2021 launch.

Despite what the evidence suggests, Battlefield 6 launchings on August 29 would be highly irregular. Generally, mainline BF games launch in October or November to take advantage of the holiday sales season. Further to that point, according to Andrew Wilson, Battlefield 6 is targeting a “holiday 2021” release date. Plans can change, of course, but that’d be a sizable leap forward.

Anual installments in the Call of Duty franchise typically launch in November. Battlefield often pips CoD to the post, though never by such a large margin. It’d be a bold move, though launching during the summer could ultimately prove to be detrimental for BF6. With the “biggest team ever” developing the game, EA and DICE may not be inclined to take such a potentially costly risk.

The Battlefield 6 reveal is taking place on Wednesday, June 9. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for updates from the event, which will hopefully clarify the BF6 release date.

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