Battlefield 2042’s level destruction is Levolution evolved

Battlefield 2042 level destruction has been showcased in a new gameplay trailer. The trailer shows explosions causing destruction to buildings and platforms. What’s more, there are map-exclusive events that change the battlefield. From rocket launches to sandstorms, players will have to adapt to the threat while fighting enemy soldiers. Here’s what’s known about BF2042 Levolution.

Does Battlefield 2042 have Levolution destruction?

Battlefield 2042 Levolution

As made clear in the gameplay reveal trailer, Battlefield 2042 has Levolution destruction.

However, this isn’t like any Levolution that players have seen before. Multiplayer maps are constantly changing throughout each round, with various events changing the landscape. In addition to the usual explosions from soldiers’ weaponry and vehicles, larger events like rocket launches, tornados, and sandstorms can all impact the battlefield and leave it changed until the end of the match.

BF2042 Levolution will give players a unique challenge for each map, with tornados causing unpredictable wind patterns for air vehicles, sandstorms obscuring visibility, and the rocket launch being a massive distraction.

Battlefield has always been great with destructible environments and it looks like BF2042 is aiming to take it to the next level. Thankfully, next-gen hardware in the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 should hopefully be able to handle the envelope-pushing destruction combined with the increased player count.

It seems players hoping for Battlefield to go bigger with Levolution and level destruction will have their wishes granted in the new BF title. Not all maps have been revealed, so expect to see more unique Levolution events in future trailers and at launch.

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