My Friend Pedro release date trailer pulls in on a bullet train

Devolver Digital’s brilliantly bonkers My Friend Pedro finally has a release date secured. The gruesome ballet is hitting Nintendo Switch and PC sooner than you might have thought, too. Devolver Digital announced the My Friend Pedro release date with a violent (we really do mean violent) new trailer set aboard a train. A true to life bullet train. You’ll be putting bullets in things for a sentient banana soon, folks.

Before it is set to deliver its E3 2019 press conference, Devolver Digital has let the My Friend is Pedro release date out of the bag early. The My Friend is Pedro release date is June 20, 2019, on both Nintendo Switch and PC. Which means you’ll be able to buy and play Devolver Digital’s violent ballet about a man destroying everything in his path upon the request of a sentient banana very, very soon.

My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet action game. It’s played on a side-scrolling view, with plenty of flipping, jumping, slo-mo, shooting, and more. You’ll twist and turn through the air, shooting down enemies with a spurt of blood upon each hit. In My Fried Pedro, you are able to go into slow-motion. You can use this trick to get out of tricky situations, give yourself a little time to aim, or just to make everything look cool.

You’ll solve physics-based puzzles, too, with plenty of traps that you can either fall into or get out of using the ol’ noodle. If Deadpool had its own side-scrolling action shooter game, My Friend Pedro is it, except for the whole sentient talking banana giving you orders to kill thing. This is all sounding bananas.

The release date trailer tells you all you need to know about My Fried Pedro. Be warned, though, it is violent. It shows you kicking a meat chunk into an enemy to kill them in one of its breezier moments. You can watch the My Friend Pedro release date trailer below: