They Are Billions campaign coming in June

The wait is finally over! The first They Are Billions campaign will be available June 18th. The best part? It’s free, assuming you own the game (which you should). The campaign for the critically-acclaimed survival RTS focuses on a group of humans reclaiming the world they lost and venturing beyond the safety of their citadel.

They Are Billions is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game from Numantian Games. Players are dropped into a randomly-generated map where they must build bases to defend themselves from the infected. These zombie-like beings will attack randomly, leaving destruction and infection behind them. Occasionally they will attack in massive swarms, targeting one area of the base in an attempt to break through and devour your civilization. It’s terrifyingly good fun.

The campaign is titled The New Empire and follows a group of humans (the namesake New Empire) who successfully built an impenetrable citadel. Two centuries after the first humans in the outside world became infected, the leader of the New Empire, Quintus Crane, rallies the people and orders them to move out into the world beyond their walls. With the goal of reclaiming their old homelands, the New Empire will travel across the world and fight the infected as they go.

We know there will be new world map locations to explore and tech upgrades to discover through the ruins of old human civilizations. Along with the campaign, They Are Billions will add two new Survival maps on June 18: Deep Forest and Caustic Lands. Besides the new maps and new tech, there isn’t much more to tell for now. However, the campaign is sure to serve up its fair share of surprises along the way.

Check out the trailer for The New Empire below, and get ready to take back the world from the infected… or die trying.