Google Stadia release date, pricing details, and Founder’s Edition pre-order revealed

At today’s Stadia Connect, we finally got details on just what Google Stadia will cost. Right now there are two pricing tiers, Stadia Base and Stadia Pro. There will also be a Stadia Founder’s Edition available that will come with several months of Stadia Pro along with other perks.

Google Stadia Release Date

We still haven’t gotten a firm Google Stadia release date yet. However, we do know the release month is November.

Google Stadia Base Details

Not much was said on Google Stadia Base other than it exists. This is the free tier, and it seems you don’t get any perks for using it. All you’ll get with this tier is the ability to play games you’ve purchased through Stadia, presumably for retail price.

Google Stadia Pro Price

Google Stadia Pro Pricing

Google Stadia just has the one tier of service announced as of right now. The Stadia Pro price will be $9.99 a month. For that amount, you’ll get access to a library of titles that are periodically updated by Google, though just what that means isn’t clear yet.

Each game offered on Google Stadia Pro will allow you to play at 4K resolution with HDR color and 5.1 surround sound at 60fps. According to the announcement stream, the service should be hardware agnostic, so as long as you have fast enough internet, it shouldn’t matter which device you game on, you should always get the same experience.

The first game confirmed for the Stadia Pro library is Destiny 2. You’ll get the base game and the expansions added to your library as soon as Stadia Pro is live.

Google Stadia Founder’s Edition Pre-Order

If you’re really enthusiastic about Google Stadia, you can purchase the Stadia Founder’s Edition. This set includes all the basics you need to get started with the service.

With the Stadia Founder’s Edition, you get:

  • A Chromecast Ultra
  • A Limited Edition Night Blue Stadia Controller
  • Three months of Stadia Pro
  • A three-month Stadia Pro buddy pass
  • First dibs on claiming a Stadia username

Google Stadia Controller Pricing

Google Stadia Controllers

We also got to hear details on how much the Stadia controller will be. It will come in white, black, and wasabi colors, and will retail for $69.