Virtua Racing Switch version coming to the west this month

Earlier this year, Nintendo Switch fans in Japan got an impressive arcade-perfect port of Virtua Racing via Sega’s Ages collection. Now, Sega has announced that the Virtua Racing Switch port is coming to the North America and Europe on June 27.

Sega Ages Virtua Racing originally released on Nintendo Switch in Japan back in April 25. The port of this arcade classic received praise for its accuracy. Comparisons with the arcade original, including one by Digital Foundry, found the game to be pretty much arcade-perfect save for some slightly off color reproduction.

Of course, the port did upscale the game’s original 496 x 384 resolution (Virtual Racing was one of the first arcade games to use 16:9 widescreen) to 1080p while docked, and 720p in portable mode. This is on top of multiplayer racing for two players online, and up to eight players offline.

With how good the port was, many fans have been clamoring for the game to be released outside Japan. With this announcement, Sega has finally answered their prayers. As with the Japanese release, however, Virtua Racing will be an eShop-only title in the West.

Virtua Racing isn’t the only Sega Ages title coming to the West this month. The trailer that confirmed its Western release also confirmed that Wonder Boy: Monster Land is coming westward on the very same day.

Wonder Boy: Monster Land originally launched in arcades in 1987 before arriving on the Sega Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System, and TurboGrafx-16. The version coming to the Nintendo Switch via Sega Ages looks to be the original arcade version. It will come with a joystick waggle button that makes finding hidden money easier as well as a Money Hungry Mode that keeps players from getting extra cash from secret spots.

Both titles represent great additions that bolster the Sega Ages line up of classic games on Nintendo Switch. They allow fans to re-live their childhood memories on-the-go, and with modern hardware and features to boot.

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