E3 2019 | Project Scarlett release date period announced

Rumor after rumor about the next Xbox console have popped up in the last year, but now we finally know the Xbox Scarlett release date period. At the Microsoft E3 2019 conference, the company revealed when the new Xbox will launch. While Microsoft is still keeping the actual name of the next-generation console a secret, gamers can at least mark their calendars with a launch window.

Accompanying the Project Scarlett release date window was a four-minute-long teaser featuring developers talking about just how powerful the new console will be. Reduced loading times was the first feature highlighted, with the developers’ description echoing what we saw during the PS5 vs PS5 Pro demo from Sony. It seems like both next-gen systems will be able to load games much faster. What’s more, the Project Scarlett system will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, at least in terms of processing power. High-bandwidth GDDR6 helps to achieve this level of performance.

The new Xbox uses the Zen 2 processor from AMD. It will push for frame-rates up to 120 FPS, with 8K capability, next-gen ray-tracing, and support variable refresh rate technology. The system’s “new generation” SSD allows for up to a 40x performance increase, which should minimize loading times as it’s used as “digital RAM.” Players will be able to use the new hardware so they can “move through worlds without waiting for things to load.”

Microsoft is describing Project Scarlett as “the most immersive console experience ever.”

The new Xbox is scheduled to release during the holiday period of 2020 with Halo as the launch title. Microsoft relying on one of its main exclusives should help fight the potential competition from Sony and its next-gen PlayStation, which is potentially launching with The Last of Us 2, if the rumored delay is to be believed.