E3 2019 | Midnight Ghost Hunt elevates the Prop Hunt formula to ghostly heights

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a new game by Vaulted Sky Games. This is a 4v4 multiplayer PvP experience, with ghost hunters going up against ghosts in a ghostbusting game of Prop Hunt.

The main objective of the ghosts is to try and stay hidden for as long as possible. Hiding is the main priority for the spectral beings. The hunters have to track down the ghosts, staying constantly aware of their environment as ghosts can move furniture.

Ghost hunters have a range of handy tools and equipment to help make tracking the ghosts easier.

As time goes on, events get more and more chaotic, making it more difficult for the ghosts to hide, but also more different for the ghost hunters to track down their foes.

It’s an “action hide-and-seek mash-up.”

At midnight, if any ghosts survive, all lights will flicker out and any destroyed ghosts will return as more powerful spirits. The ghost hunters then become the hunted, as the tables turn and they try to escape.

This is clearly a take on the popular Prop Hunt mode, albeit with a twist that turns the props into superpowered hostile beings, forcing the ex-hunters to flee the seen. Think of it like a normal game of Prop Hunt, which at the stroke of midnight suddenly flips the script and turns into Friday the 13th the Game.

Midnight Ghost Hunt will be running an alpha trial during summer 2019. Players can sign up here for a chance to gain access to this interesting take on the fun-as-hell Prop Hunt game mode. (Sign up using both email and through Discord to increase the odds of being chosen.)

A 4v4 prop hunt game where the props fight back. Ghosts possesses objects, ghost hunters try to find them, and when the clock strikes midnight, the tables are turned.