E3 2019 | Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass confirmed and detailed

During the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference, the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass was detailed as part of the content available in certain editions of the game. The Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass features early access to “iconic heroes,” a new story mission, and a car skin.

Owners of the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass will get seven-day early access to four iconic heroes, access to the “Not In Our Name story mission, and the DedSec Car skin.

Enjoy new ways to play the game with the Season Pass:

  • Seven-day early access to four upcoming iconic heroes with game-changing abilities and their origin stories.
  • The immersive story mission, “Not In Our Name,” available directly at launch. Face a group of impostors using the DedSec identity in London and unlock one familiar mask reward for your heroes.
  • The DedSec Car skin to customize your vehicles, available at launch.

The initial information about the Season Pass was featured in details about the Watch Dog Legion special editions. The Gold Edition ($99.99), Ultimate Edition ($119.99), and Collector Edition ($189.99) of the game all contain the Season Pass.

The Season Pass is the additional incentive included with the Gold Edition of the game.

Gamers who decide to invest more money into the Ultimate and Collector Edition of the game will earn additional goodies like the Ultimate Pack, VIP Status, and more. There are also physical bonus items like the 38 cm UbiCollectibles lighting Ded Coronet Mask Replica with an LED blue crown.

At the time of writing, it isn’t yet known how much the Season Pass will cost on its own. It’s also unclear as to whether the iconic heroes will be priced individually for non-Season Pass owners.

Locking launch day story mission content behind a Season Pass has received a negative reaction from gamers in the past. Time will tell whether or not Watch Dogs Legion is able to get away with it unscathed.