E3 2019 | Dying Light 2 release date period announced with story trailer

The Dying Light 2 release date has been officially announced. Accompanying the launch date was a new gameplay trailer showing off more parkour-infused survival tactics from the new player character.

The Dying Light 2 E3 2019 trailer teased more of the story, with the infected character Aiden Caldwell introducing himself as the protagonist. While the first game’s main character was a simple hero, Aiden is a more complex hero as he balances himself between the living and the undead.

The new story trailer features a montage of characters who Aiden will interact with on his journey, including heads of the different factions. The population is attempting to survive the new dark age of the zombie apocalypse, which takes place 15 years after the events of the first game.

As time has passed, hostile infected have evolved in an ugly cycle, where any essence of humanity has left them. Players will encounter a variety of enemies suffering through different stages of this evolution. Some will have weakened due to the degeneration, while others will have grown more powerful.

Choices appear to matter more in Dying Light 2, with the decisions players make having an impact on the game’s universe and its inhabitants. This reinforces other RPG aspects of the game like leveling Aidan up and acquiring new abilities and different rarities of weapons.

Writer Chris Avellone is helping with the game’s story, which is expected to be harder hitting than what came before.

With Dying Light releasing in early 2015, fans of the game will no doubt be hungry like a zombie for the sequel. Thankfully, they don’t have long to wait as Dying Light 2 is set to launch during spring 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Expect to see more trailers and longer gameplay segments before the game’s release. We’re also anticipating more information about the developer’s post-launch plans, as the original Dying Light received a lot of support following its release.