Ikumi Nakamura responds to E3 2019 appearance by retweeting adorable fan art

Ikumi Nakamura, the Creative Director at Tango Gameworks, caused quite the social media stir after her reveal of GhostWire: Tokyo at the Bethesda E3 2019 conference. Nakamura caused a frenzy of adoration and positivity. Her high energy and peppy attitude won fans around the world and earned her the love of artists. Since E3, Nakamura has retweeted several pieces of fan art about herself, showing appreciation for the sudden pedestal she finds herself on.

It was undoubtedly Nakamura who stole the show in all the right ways. She immediately endeared herself to audiences through her unexpected cuteness and high level of enthusiasm for GhostWire: Tokyo. Legions of fans turned to the internet and began sending fan art and memes of Nakamura, who took it all in stride and spent time retweeting fan art on her official Twitter account.

When Tango Gameworks took to the stage at E3, it was to present GhostWire: Tokyo, its newest horror action-adventure game. The presenters included studio head Shinji Mikami, who was one of Capcom’s original creators of the Resident Evil franchise, and, of course, Ikumi Nakamura, the creative director of GhostWire: Tokyo. 

Set in modern-day Tokyo, the trailer presented viewers with a mysterious supernatural horror concept of people disappearing throughout Tokyo. It was clearly influenced by traditional Japanese themes and the thrilling suspense of horror permeated the trailer. Considering it’s the next game from the studio that created The Evil Within, the horror elements of the game come from masterful hands.


The internet has deemed Nakamura their golden child of E3, and will now protect her at all costs or possibly die for her (according to some fans). Even those of us who don’t necessarily have any artistic bones in our bodies managed to get a friendly retweet from Nakamura. Whether she meant to or not, Nakamura (and the Ikumi Nakamura fan art that followed) has made GhostWire: Tokyo one of the most memorable presentations of E3.

Sometimes the internet is a wonderful thing.