E3 2019 | Planet Zoo release date and first gameplay trailer revealed

Planet Zoo is the follow-up to Frontier’s bestselling Planet Coaster management-strategy title, and we’ve finally got some information on when we’ll be able to start looking after those animals. The Planet Zoo release date has been revealed at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, and it’s down to arrive exclusively on PC on November 5 2019. On top of this, we also got our first proper in-game look at the game itself with the Planet Zoo gameplay trailer. You can see the full trailer below.

We were impressed with what we saw of Planet Zoo when we checked out the game earlier this year, and now you can see what got us so excited. It’s the animals, mainly, which include the likes of lions, bears, elephants, monkeys, and even terrifying giant spiders. Despite being from the same studio as Jurassic World Evolution (which clearly was an influence on this game) sadly if the animals break out they don’t eat the tourists, just freak the people out a bit.

Frontier Developments claims to have the most realistic animals in any videogame, and the trailer certainly makes a good case for it. The animals all have wants and needs, from eating, sleeping, and pooping to getting entertainment and keeping warm, and you’ll have to manage all of those needs if you want to run a successful zoo. Planet Zoo will also have a realistic and varied weather system, and unlike Jurassic World Evolution you’ll have to make sure that your animals get shelter from the elements, have a safe place to sleep, and even keep their food from getting wet and spoiled. Of course you’ll have to manage the general public’s needs too, such as creating a zoo with a layout that’s easy to get around, has appropriate facilities, and doesn’t charge too much for souvenir T-shirts.

Planet Zoo is out on PC on November 5, and yes, it’ll be on Steam.