E3 2019 | Final Fantasy 8 remaster trailer and release window shown at Square Enix E3 conference

Square Enix surprised us all with the announcement of a Final Fantasy 8 remaster at E3 2019. While FF7 is getting a whole remake, this FF8 remaster will use the original game as a foundation. The Final Fantasy 8 remaster release window was even announced giving fans even more to chew on.

Final Fantasy 8 often gets overshadowed by FF7 but is an absolutely incredible game that deserves a chance to win new fans with a fresh coat of paint. While it won’t see the drastic gameplay and design changes that FF7 is getting in its remake, FF8 will be getting hi-res character models and proper HD backgrounds.

FF8 looked great when it came out, but today on a large TV the pre-rendered backgrounds just aren’t high enough resolution. They end up looking blurry and smudged, and all the 3D model have the trademark aliasing of the original PlayStation.

While the gameplay will remain the same, the Final Fantasy 8 remaster will enhance the game’s fidelity enough to make it enjoyable on modern consoles and TV sets without having to mod the PC version.

You’ll be able to play the Final Fantasy 8 remaster when it releases sometime in 2019 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.