Fable 4 may be revealed at E3 2020

I know, I know, we’re barely crawling out of the E3 2019 madness and nobody wants to think about 2020 yet. However, rumor has it that a new Fable game may finally show its face at next year’s E3 conference. Rumors have been thrown around about the franchise reboot for a while now, but it’s looking more and more likely that Fable 4 will return to the spotlight next year.

Fable has been floundering since the release of the last main chapter of the series, Fable 3, in 2010. Despite rumors of some excellent new features in Fable 4—including multiplayer, an in-depth character creator, and a completely open world—we saw exactly nothing about the game at this year’s conference. We have speculated on its absence before, and it’s looking like our hunch about the hush-hush attitude surrounding the game might be correct.

Fable 4 would make a strong launch title for the new Xbox console, known as Project Scarlett. We now know that Project Scarlett will be coming in the holiday season of 2020. With Fable 4 likely launching for the new console along with Windows and Xbox One, it’s safe to speculate that we may finally hear more details about the anticipated game at next year’s E3.

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty even hinted at the game’s appearance in an interview with Eurogamer. When told that Fable fans were hoping to hear something at this year’s E3, Booty laughed and said, “Like I said… a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings for next year. Hope to have you back in a year.” He also explained that there’s a big process behind deciding what goes into an E3 presentation and things have to get cut.

Perhaps next year we’ll be able to see what’s been going on behind the scenes with Fable 4 this whole time. Fingers crossed that it’s a Project Scarlett launch title!