Code Vein Oliver Collins trailer showcases its first boss fight

Bandai Namco has dropped a new trailer for its upcoming game Code Vein. The Code Vein Oliver Collins trailer showcases the first boss that players will encounter in the new release.

While the new trailer is pretty short, it shows off one of the things that makes Code Vein unique: Its focus on story. Code Vein tells the tale of Revenants, which are vampire-like people who must consume blood to quench their blood thirst. If they fail to do so, they become one of the Lost—the enemies that players fight in the game.

The trailer introduces Oliver Collins as one of these Revenants and a former ally. Instead of some boss waiting at the end of of a long dungeon, the trailer actually shows Oliver interacting with the player character, and even helping them out during fights. However, due to some as-yet unknown reason, Oliver eventually becomes one of the Lost. This leads to him serving as the first boss of the game.

In battle, Oliver wields a giant-sized hammer. It’s great for taking out multiple foes when he’s fighting by the players side, but not so great when the player is the one who has to avoid it. Additionally, the trailer also hints at that Oliver transforms into a much larger form during the fight. However, the video cuts off right before this new form is revealed.

Code Vein is a new anime-inspired take on Dark Souls-style action RPGs from the team behind the God Eater games. Beyond the aforementioned emphasis on story, the game also focuses on cooperative play. Players are able to get together online or even bring an AI companion along with them. Oliver Collins seems to be one such AI companion. Making him the first boss demonstrates how these characters will feature in the game’s story overall.

Code Vein launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 27, 2019.