Gwent Novigrad expansion adds a sixth faction

CD Projekt Red’s digital collectible card game spinoff of the Witcher franchise is getting a new expansion. The Gwent Novigrad expansion will add a sixth playable faction to the game.

Titled after the free city of the same name, the Novigrad expansion introduces the Syndicate faction. This shady organization controls all the organized crime in the city. At its head stands five new leaders, each vying with the other for power.

CD Projekt Red’s announcement introduces three of these leaders and their special abilities. Gang leader Cleaver can terrorize his opponents, while The King of Beggars prefers making deals in the shadows. Meanwhile, the ruthless heirarch Hemmelfart can cleanse the city of unbelievers.

The expansion adds 90 new cards, each representing various sides of the city’s dark underworld. Fans will note that 15 of these new cards are cross-faction cards that can be used with decks from existing factions—three cards per each deck.

In addition to all this, the Novigrad expansion adds a new resource called Crowns. Players can pay with Crowns to activate abilities on cards with the Fee keyword. One of the ways to earn Crowns is through cards marked with the second new keyword Profit. Playing cards with this keyword will earn players a specified amount of Crowns.

Of course, the expansion also adds other ways of earning crown: Players can also play specific “Crime” cards. These cards will also trigger secondary effects on other cards. Specifically those with the Intimidate keyword get a boost every time a player commits a Crime.

This isn’t all that the expansion is adding. The announcement details a few other new features, such as the ability to earn Crowns by placing bounties on opponents, as well as units that get additional boosts when the player is able to save a specific amount of Crowns.

The Gwent Novigrad expansion is set to arrive on June 28. In the meantime, here’s CD Projekt Red’s trailer for it.