Monster Hunter: World Iceborne beta test announced for PlayStation 4

Capcom has just announced a beta test for Monster Hunter: World‘s upcoming expansion. The Monster Hunter: World Iceborne beta test takes place on PlayStation 4 over the next couple of weeks.

Before Monster Hunter: World launched last year, Capcom also held a series of beta tests on PlayStation 4 for the game. PS Plus subscribers gained access to this beta a week before everyone else. The schedule for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne‘s PlayStation 4 beta will follow this pattern again.

Players with PS Plus will be able to play the Iceborne beta this weekend from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23. After this, everyone else on PlayStation 4 gains access to the beta the following weekend, from Friday, June 28 until Sunday, June 30.

Capcom hasn’t given any specific details about what players can expect in the beta, aside from a video showing fan-favorite monster Tigrex. This may hint that players will have to hunt Tigrex in one of the missions in the beta. Of course, the beta for the original Monster Hunter: World featured multiple missions, so players may also get to hunt the other new monsters being added to Iceborne.

In addition to this, a follow-up tweet confirmed that players did not have to own the original Monster Hunter: World to access the beta. This likely means that players from the latter won’t be able bring in their old characters into the beta. Of course, the beta might actually give players a taste of the new Master Rank difficulty and its corresponding gear, so bringing over old gear would be pointless.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expands the story of the Fifth Fleet from Monster Hunter: World, by giving them an all-new area to explore. The new Hoarfroast Reach supposedly dwarfs previous areas from the base game, and includes a plethora of new monsters as well as returning ones from previous games.

Hunters on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be getting Monster Hunter: World Iceborne on September 6, 2019. Those on PC will have to wait until winter.