New Street Fighter 5 stage calls back to the original Champion Edition

Capcom will be dropping a bunch of new content for Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition next week. A new Street Fighter 5 stage is coming alongside a bunch of new costumes for characters to use.

Now, this new batch of content is not the big announcement that Capcom has teased. That will most likely be revealed in August, at the grandest stage of them all for fighting games, Evo 2019. Instead, this is a small content update to keep players sated until said announcement is made.

The new Suzaku Castle at Night stage recreates Ryu’s iconic stage as it appeared in Street Fighter 2′ Champion Edition. Of course, a version of Suzaku Castle already exists in Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition. The existing one has the action take place at sunset, however, as in later iterations of Street Fighter 2.

This new version of Suzaku Castle will be available for purchase starting June 25 for only $1.99. Players can also spend 40,000 of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition‘s in-game Fight Money to purchase it.

In addition to the new stage, Capcom is also adding a bunch of new costumes. The first of these is a second, premium swimsuit costume for Laura that also becomes available for purchase on June 25 for $3.99. The other costumes have to be earned in-game.

Dhalsim gets his classic Street Fighter 2 costume on June 25 as well. However, this can only be won through the in-game “Fighting Chance” loot box system.

On the other hand, Menat and Ibuki get crossover costumes that players must earn by completing challenges in the game’s Extra Battle mode. Menat gets dressed up as Devilotte from Capcom’s Cyberbots, while Ibuki cosplays as Akane Yagyu from the Onimusha series.

Remember Devilotte, Capcom and SF5 remember.

The crossover costumes for Menat and Ibuki will be available on Event Battle from August 2 to August 30.

Finally, starting on June 25, Capcom will also be selling a number of costume bundles that group together similarly themed costumes for players to purchase together. These will range from $6.99 to $14.99 depending on the number of costumes in each bundle. Details on what each bundle contains can be found over at the Capcom-Unity website.