Fortnite Deep Dab exploit is letting players get easy headshots

Fortnite Deep Dab exploit has been discovered and it’s letting players get easy headshots. The brand-new emote was revealed to the world barely a week ago and Fortnite players have taken to it very quickly. Unfortunately, they’ve also discovered that the Deep Dab emote can be used in a very specific situation that will let them get easy headshots. What’s worse, this move is almost impossible for a defending player to counter.

The Fortnite Deep Dab exploit was highlighted by @TheFlexDaddy in a video on Twitter. In the video, he shows off the setup for the exploit along with an explanation for it. Firstly, the dabbing player must build a wall with a window. Ideally, the attacking player should stand on the left side of the window to set up for this exploit and have a good view of the defending player.

Once the attacking player is all good to go, he must activate the Deep Dab emote. While the emote is playing out, the attacking player will slide underneath the window and remain entirely under cover. It is at this point that the attacking player would line up their crosshairs for a headshot on the enemy. When the emote finishes playing out, the dabbing attacker will immediately snap back to the standard standing animation and they can fire on their opponent with almost no warning.

Obviously, the Fortnite Deep Dab exploit is going to require some kind of fix from Epic Games. Some kind of delay after the emote concludes is probably necessary to prevent players from being able to activate a surprise attack that is almost impossible to defend against. Emotes are plenty of fun for showing off in front of your enemies, but this is one case where the newest Fortnite emote appears to give players a tactical advantage. You can watch the Fortnite Deep Dab exploit in action for yourself below.