Hollow Knight: Silksong healing, mapping, and more detailed in developer update

Hollow Knight: Silksong developers Team Cherry have published a post-E3 update about the upcoming sequel to Hollow Knight, highlighting updates to new healing mechanics, character dialogue, mapping, and character voices. Silksong will be bringing an updated healing mechanic, which has some notable differences when compared to the first Hollow Knight game. Main character Hornet will utilize the silk she produces for her healing abilities. Once a big enough quantity of  silk has been stored, Hornet can Bind, this is where she wraps her wounds, further preparing herself for battle and exploration.

One of the big changes to note is that Bind is incredibly fast, Hornet can also Bind while in mid-air. If a hit from an enemy strikes her during the healing process, it will be interrupted and the silk will be destroyed. Character dialogue is also being adding to the game, Hornet has a voice and even though she isn’t necessarily the type to speak in long sections, she is willing to engage in conversation if needed.

For those who played Hollow Knight, the mapping mechanics are fairly similar, with the old tools and same restrictions returning. Along the way, you will meet Shakra, who will assist with charts, compasses, and numerous other tools.

Elsewhere, Team Cherry have even been scouting members of the Hollow Knight community to provide voices for the characters within the upcoming game. In the update post on the Kickstarter, it was stated that “they’ve provided some twisted and over-the-top performances and have given much needed variety to Silksong’s larger cast.”

During E3, Hollow Knight: Silksong was featured in the Nintendo Treehouse for the entirety of the event. Players had the chance to get hands-on with the upcoming sequel. They had the opportunity to explore two new areas to the game, The Moss Grotto and the Deep Docks. Nintendo employees did a run-through during Treehouse Live, as they explored playing with Hornet more, the video is available to watch and does contain minimal early game spoilers. Hollow Knight: Silksong will get a release date once the developers at Team Cherry know they can hit it. Until then, Hollow Knight fans will have to sit back and wait, and maybe spin a web or two.