Hollow Knight PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Announced

Hollow Knight has enjoyed critical acclaim since it hit the PC and Switch in 2017 and 2018, respectively. And while its physical iteration isn’t coming to PS4 and Xbox One until next year, its downloadable release is just around the corner. Dubbed the “Voidheart Edition,” the digital Hollow Knight PS4 and Xbox One versions are coming out on September 25 for $14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 20 percent discount if they pre-order.

Developer Team Cherry Games announced this date on their website earlier today. The Voidheart Edition won’t have any new content per se, but will include the full game and its four free expansion packs: Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster, which came out in August for the PC and Switch versions.

Each has added new bosses, quests, abilities, and more and was part of the game’s initial Kickstarter campaign. Another character is still set to come to the game but Team Cherry has kept her under wraps. The team has said, however, that it thinks its fans “will love her” and her “deadly and distinct” gameplay.

Australian developer Shark Jump is handling the port. Shark Jump is primarily known for mobile games like Animal Dash and Flap the Fish. Team Cherry also said that the Voidheart Edition is coming thanks to Sony, Microsoft, and the requests from fans, who likely raised concerns about not being about to download the highest rated Metroidvanias in years to their PS4 or Xbox One.

This release date comes as a surprise because Team Cherry has already announced a vague release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions last month albeit for the physical versions. The PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are set to get a disc (or, in the Switch’s case, a cartridge) of Hollow Knight in spring 2019 thanks to Skybound Games. Skybound has also published Telltale’s The Walking Dead series.

You can watch the trailer for the Voidheart Edition below.