Hollow Knight PS4 and Xbox One Physical Release Announced

Hollow Knight PS4 and Xbox One release has just been announced by Skybound Games and developers Team Cherry, and pencilled in for a Spring 2019 release. Following on from the recent Nintendo Switch port of Hollow Knight, a physical edition will also arrive on store shelves at the same time.

Specific details, such as price or any special edition contents, have yet to be revealed. According to Variety, Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe said “I’m thrilled to partner with Team Cherry, and Adult Swim and White Rabbit to bring [Hollow Knight] to retail.”

In the past, Hollow Knight has only been available through digital storefronts like Steam and the Nintendo eShop. The Hollow Knight PS4 and Xbox One release will see the title come to each platform’s respective digital storefront, but those looking for a box to add to their shelf or collection will be able to do just that.

Released in early 2017 on PC, Mac, and Linux, Hollow Knight garnered “very positive” reviews as an atmospheric hand-drawn 2D “Metroidvania”. A series of expansion packs continue to breath new life into the game for free, with the final “Gods & Glory” set to release on August 23.

The upcoming final expansion completes a quadrilogy of new content that started with Hidden Dreams on August 3 2017 and continued with The Grimm Troupe and Lifeblood. Each expansion, released for free, has included new boss fights, ability upgrades and locations for players to explore.

Hollow Knight is billed as “an evocative hand-crafted world” brought to life in “vivid, moody details.” Players traverse the expansive “Hallownest” in a traditional 2D action-platformer, tackling enemies, solving puzzles, and defeating fierce bosses with a wide range of abilities and skills unlocked along the way. The game’s score, composed by Christopher Larkin, is already available as a separately priced download through Steam.