Destiny 2 Bad Juju leak hints at the pulse rifle’s return

It looks like a fan-favorite exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny is set to make a return in Destiny 2. A new leak points to Bad Juju being added to Destiny 2 in the future.

For those who haven’t played Destiny 2, players of that game consider Bad Juju to be one of the best exotic pulse rifles in it. One of the reasons being that Bad Juju’s special ability, “String of Curses,” would cause a players damage and super recharge rate to increase exponentially after a kill.

Now, data miners over on Reddit have found what seems to be a new Catalyst that looks like Bad Juju in Destiny 2.  The Catalyst itself isn’t called Bad Juju, but the similarities are pretty obvious.

With each new season, Bungie usually brings back a fan-favorite weapon from Destiny to Destiny 2, so Bad Juju making a return wouldn’t be without precedent. Other fan favorites that have returned include Thorn, The Last Word Queenbreaker’s Bow, Sleeper Simulant, and more.

In addition to Bad Juju, data miners have also found what seems to be a new mission area (via Reddit). This adds more fuel to the speculation that Bad Juju is returning. Every returning exotic brought into Destiny 2 from the original has come with a quest mission attached to its catalyst. Perhaps then this new mission area will serve this purpose for Bad Juju’s catalyst.

If the data miners are correct, the question now remains of when Bad Juju and the new mission area may possible arrive in Destiny 2. It most likely won’t be the next exotic to be released, as Bungie has already announced that it’s an exotic hand cannon coming on July 2. The most likely candidate then would be this year’s Solstice of Heroes. The 2019 edition of this annual summer event starts on July 30. Bringing back a fan-favorite weapon like Bad Juju seems like a great way for Bungie to add more hype to the upcoming event.