Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order demo extended cut gameplay trailer released

An extended demo trailer for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order dropped today showing 25 minutes of gameplay. The footage shows the entirety of the demo that was available at E3 and gives us a much better look at the game than what we saw during the EA Play event. While some were invited to play during E3, this is the first chance many are getting to see the game outside of short clips.

I’m not sure why EA didn’t just present the full Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order demo during EA Play, especially since the showcase was so lackluster. Some technical issues are apparent during the demo, pop-in and small glitches mostly. However, that’s to be expected since the game is still in production. However, for the most part, it plays extremely smoothly and showcases Jedi Fallen Order in a way that the little snippets we’ve gotten so far haven’t.

Up until this reveal, fans have been anxious about the way Jedi Fallen Order would play. It was easy to just peg it as a new take on the Force Unleashed formula a decade after that series came and went. However, in the demo, we get to see a bit of a mission on Kashyyyk that makes the game seem a lot more intriguing.

Instead of just rapid fire combat, the demo shows Jedi Fallen Order is more in the vein of the Uncharted series. There’s a lot of exploration and brief environmental puzzles, and the game is a lot more exciting taken as a sum of its parts. It even managed to channel a bit of Shadow of the Colossus when Cal is climbing the AT-AT.

Seeing the game in action for 25 minutes got me a lot more pumped than any pre-baked trailers did and made me a lot more hopeful that Jedi Fallen Order will be a success. EA has managed to fumble the Star Wars license at almost every turn, and it’s hard to believe this will be only the third game released on consoles and PC since Disney gave them exclusive rights in 2013. This is EA’s chance to win back some consumer confidence, and hopefully, the company realizes all eyes are on it.