Twitch ‘Viewers Low to High’ filter is a big win for small streamers

The Twitch Viewers Low to High filter has finally been deployed on the world’s biggest streaming platform for games, greatly enhancing the possibility for discovering new streamers who might not be bringing in millions of views like the big boys. In addition, two other options have been added which should make it easier for you to find something interesting to watch when you’re looking for some entertaining gaming content.

Three new filters have been activated on Twitch according to a tweet from Senior Director of Product Tom Robertson. The first is a Twitch Viewers Low to High filter which is exactly what it says on the tin: it will show you a list of active streams with the lowest current view counts at the top. The opposite has also been implemented: a “Viewers High to Low” filter will let you see the most popular streamers at the top of the list.

That’s not all that’s been added to Twitch today, though! In addition to the Low to High and High to Low filters, another new filter called “Recently Started” has made its way into the website. This, too, is a fairly straightforward new feature, as it will sort the streams on your screen beginning with those that have most recently started. Sometimes it just isn’t as much fun to begin watching a stream that’s halfway over; the Recently Started filter should help people who care about that sort of thing avoid the problem entirely.

You can see the Twitch Viewers Low to High filter in action by heading over to the Browse page and selecting a game that you’re interested in. A personalized filter containing personal recommendations is expended to join these three new filters sometime later in the Summer of 2019. For now, though, smaller streamers will have a better chance at attracting an audience as long as folks take the time to try out this new filter!