Astral Chain trilogy confirmed, three games to replace any potential DLC

An Astral Chain trilogy has been confirmed by developer Takahisa Taura. Those of you that may have been hoping to see any Astral Chain DLC will be a bit disappointed, as the developers have no plans for additional DLC for the latest title from Platinum Games. There is, however, some good news: another two games are in development to make a fully rounded-out trilogy.

“There are currently no plans to release [extra content] for Astral Chain,” Platinum Games’ Designer Takahisa Taura said in an interview with IGN’s Netherlands branch (which we put through machine translation). “This is different for the game’s story. We make the game a trilogy and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well then we may see how the story of the series continues.”

The interview also revealed several other interesting facts.  Let’s get the biggest and most important one out of the way: no, you cannot pet the dogs in the game. You will, however, get several interactions with the dog-like “Beast Legion” that’s in the game. We also learned that while this is indeed a single-player game, two people can play together by each of them taking command of a single Joy-Con.

Essentially, Astral Chain was intended as a trilogy from the very beginning according to Taura. While the idea of getting three games from Platinum Games in the same universe is certainly appealing, this isn’t necessarily a guarantee that we will get them; it all depends on the sales. Suffice it to say, fans had best pick up a copy of the game if they would like to see an Astral Chain trilogy in the future.

It will still be a couple of months before we can get our hands on the game proper. You’ll be able to play what will hopefully be the first part in the Astral Chain trilogy when it launches on the Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019.