Zelda Link’s Awakening remake dungeon builder details revealed

Remakes of popular video games have the opportunity to expand on classic titles in a number of unique ways. The Link’s Awakening remake dungeon builder was one of the most interesting additions coming with the return of the action RPG icon. After getting a glimpse of dungeon creation with the E3 trailer and some gameplay footage that followed, we now know more details about how the mechanic will work.

Along with the adorable tilt-shift art style giving the game a diorama feeling, one of the most stand-out parts of the E3 trailer was seeing a custom dungeon maker. Dampe has seemingly traded in his Gravekeeper title for that of Dungeon Maker for his first Link’s Awakening appearance. The recognizable man stands in front of a draft table while the player can put together chambers to make their own dungeon.

The pieces fit together like a puzzle and are arranged by numbers and locations of doors. All doorways must be connected to other doorways, and every dungeon requires an entrance and a nightmare. Stairways will lead to 2D sub-levels that players must traverse before making it up to the connecting staircase. For players interested in pushing their Zelda skills or challenging their friends to a race, the dungeons’ clear times are recorded.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has now shared more insights into how Chamber Dungeons will function. When players finish dungeons in the main game, they will earn rooms from those dungeons. The rooms are called “chambers” and they are what players will use to craft their own dungeons. Players can enjoy mixing elements from different dungeons and tackling challenges from their own minds. If you’re looking for creative guidance, Dampe will task players with arranging dungeons to fit specific criteria as well. Chamber Dungeons are a simplistic mechanic that adds a creative twist to players’ adventures.