Apex Legends Season 2 trailer leak shows new legend and new map changes

The Apex Legends season 2 trailer leak highlights a bunch of changes that will be coming to the battle royale game, including its new Legend, new map changes, a new weapon, and more.

The trailer, which leaked earlier today, shows new character Wattson making her debut, piling up the electric fences and taking out her rival Legends. The new Apex Legends season also seems to make more use of the game’s alien enemies, with them now entering its sprawling map rather than encircling it.

The containers featured in its lone map are now populated by vicious Flyers, with these aerial creatures seemingly able to exit these containment units and populate the map. It’s unclear if they will interact with players, though it’s unlikely that they will take kindly to a barrage of Legends doing battle in their new home.

Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer | New Legend Crypto?

The trailer also adds some story elements to Apex Legends, with the Kings Canyon map changing due to an EMP being detonated inside a tower. The detonation was triggered by an “unknown figure,” with fans believing this to be the long-rumored hacker Crypto.

The detonation from this figure has led to the Leviathan monsters being able to enter the battlefield, thus presenting new problems for the Legends. It has also allowed some of the game’s terrain to regrow, changing the look of certain areas of Kings Canyon. New structures have also been added, including a multi-storied building with several paths leading to it.

Watch the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer

Apex Legends will launch on July 2, 2019, two weeks following the end of the game’s first season. Developer Respawn Entertainment will hope that this significant update will pull lapsed players back in, with the brand new season first being announced during the pre-E3 2019 EA Play press conference.

The new Apex Legends season 2 trailer can be viewed below: