PS4 EA Access release date revealed

Earlier this year, details surrounding the PS4 EA Access were released, which included a launch window and pricing details. For almost five years, EA Access has been available for Xbox One players but not for PlayStation 4 players. Today, we know when it’ll come since EA announced that the PS4 EA Access release date would be July 24.

EA Access for PlayStation 4 will be available for $30 a year or for $5 a month. If you’re not familiar with EA Access, it is a subscription service similar to that of Xbox Game Pass, except it is exclusive to EA games. The subscription service offers subscribers exclusive early access to some of EA’s hottest games, a 10% discount on purchases, and an extensive library of EA games that you can play as part of your subscription.

Currently, subscribers can play games like Battlefield 5, Unravel Two, Fe, A Way Outvirtually every current EA Sports game, and more as part of their subscription. In addition to the library of games, one of the most enticing features of EA Access is the ability to play upcoming games a few days before release.

However, the ability to play games early has also created a bit of chaos for EA. Games like Battlefield 5 and Anthem had staggered release dates because of premium editions and EA Access subscribers as well as the “official” launch date users. This makes for an odd aura of confusion around the game as the actual release date gets lost in the haze.

Despite its quirks, EA Access is still set to come to the PlayStation 4 later this month and offer their service to the gaming platform. If you want to stay up to date with EA Access coming to the PlayStation 4, you can sign up for email alerts on the official EA website. Signing up for the service on PS4 will grant users instant access to some of the most popular EA games out there.