Amazon Final Fantasy 7 pre-order discount makes the deluxe edition cheaper than standard edition MSRP

An Amazon coupon takes $24 US off pre-orders of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s deluxe edition, bringing the total price down to $55.99 — cheaper than the normal standard edition price. The standard edition is also discounted, however, but only by $18. Still, that means you can pre-order the remake for only $41.99, effectively bringing it into the “budget game” price range.

Amazon has been putting out these coupons for select games, such as one for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on Switch, pretty regularly this week. No end date is given for the coupons on the site, but we’ve seen recent ones (like the aforementioned CTR coupon) disappear within a day or two. Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry 5, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Shadow of the Tomb Raider also currently have coupons, but none are as significant as these $24 and $18 Final Fantasy 7 discounts.

Buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake Standard Edition on Amazon

Buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition on Amazon

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition includes an artbook, a mini-soundtrack, a steel book case, and two Summon Materia DLCs. This is, of course, not the same as the game’s “1st Class Edition,” which is available only on the Square Enix Store and includes a figure set of Cloud and his Hardy-Daytona motorcycle. Opting to secure Amazon’s Final Fantasy 7 discount on either the standard or deluxe edition will also get you the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia DLC as a pre-order bonus.

Despite fans’ initial skepticism regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s episodic release schedule, the first “episode” seems to be shaping up nicely. According to Square Enix, each episodic release will be a full-sized game, despite being based on just portions of the original Final Fantasy 7. When GameRevolution’s Jason Faulkner played a hands-on demo of the game at E3 2019, he found that the game successfully combined modern and classic gameplay, and his concerns were “almost entirely allayed.”

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