Tfue considers switching to a controller for Fortnite to fix a big problem

Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue is considering switching to a controller following some issues he’s had in the game. One would think that top-level pros have a serious handle on the game, but a particular quirk of the PC version has left him somewhat frustrated. Mainly, he takes issue with the fact that players using a controller can set up separate sensitivities for shooting and building.

“Bro, honestly, I’m about to just switch to controller,” Tfue began in commentary during one of his streams as reported by Dexerto. “It’s just so much better. Like, imagine having an editing sensitivity. Like that would be so sick.”

Specifically, the issue this particular Fortnite streamer is referring to makes a lot more sense when you consider how a pro-level gamer will play a first-person shooter. With the exception of a few unique players like Overwatch’s Geguri, most pro-level gamers playing shooters tend to run a very low sensitivity. This allows them to have precision aim, but it also makes it terribly difficult if you need to turn around very quickly or make a lot of rapid movements.

As any Fortnite player can attest, building in the midst of a heart-pounding battle often involves whipping the camera around quickly to place a lot of pieces very quickly in order to get proper cover. This is terribly difficult to do with the low sensitivity that pro gamers tend to use, but a solution has existed for players using controllers for some time: they get to set up a separate sensitivity setting for both aiming and building. For some reason, this ability isn’t afforded to players using a keyboard and mouse.

Clearly, the solution to alleviating Tfue’s frustrations would be to give mouse and keyboard players the ability to set up a different sensitivity for when they’re building. It’d certainly do a lot to level the playing field in one of those rare situations where someone on a controller has an advantage.