Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One release date, free PC update announced

The Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One release date has been announced by THQ Nordic. Not only does the game have a firm release date of August 27, 2019, but the PC players out there will also be getting some goodies with a free PC update that will launch on the same date and add a whole bunch of interesting new content to the game for them.

A press release from THQ Nordic has announced the Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One release date along with plans for some new content for the PC players who have supported the game thus far. The price for the game’s console version will range from $39.99–$59.99 depending on whether or not you decide to purchase the Wreckfest Digital Deluxe Edition. Furthermore, people who preorder either edition of the game are going to get the exclusive Bandit V8 Racer whether they buy it digitally or via retail.

The standard version of the game is going to have… well, the standard edition of the game. The Wreckfest Digital Deluxe Edition will include the game’s upcoming Season Pass. The Wreckfest Season Pass will grant players access to 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations, and several other car customizations for armor, rims, and other parts of your vehicles in the game.

PC players aren’t being left out on the cold, though! A free PC patch is going to be coming out on the Wreckfest PS4 and Xbox One release date. Here are some of the things that are going to be included in the patch:

  • 3 entirely new tracks and 1 new derby arena
  • 3 new crazy challenge vehicles
  • 1 new reward car for finishing the career
  • New & improved career events
  • Several new paint jobs for existing vehicles
  • Additional daytimes for all tracks

The above list isn’t everything you’ll be getting, either —  the announcement specifies that “some more cool stuff” will also be coming in this free patch.

You can see this cool car game in action by watching the Wreckfest console release date trailer below. If you’d prefer to get the game on PC, you can get it on Steam at the price of $22.49 or your regional equivalent, a 50% discount as part of the Steam Summer Sale 2019.