Black Desert Online PS4 release date and pre-order bonus revealed

PlayStation 4 MMORPG fans looking enviously at their Xbox One brethren playing Black Desert Online don’t have to do so for much longer. The developers at Pearl Abyss have announced that they are bringing the game to PlayStation 4 on August 22.

The game’s release date was revealed alongside a new pre-order gameplay trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. The trailer also details the bonuses that will be given to players who pre-order. Chiefly, those who pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store will receive 48 hours of early access. This means that they can play the game starting on August 20. In addition to this, players who pre-order will also receive a number of exclusive in-game items.

Black Desert Online originally released for PC in Korea, Japan, and Russia back in 2015. Since then, the MMO has been released on a number of regions, with North America and Europe finally getting the game in March of 2016.

Following the various PC releases, Peal Abyss has started to bring the game to consoles. The Xbox One version of the game was originally revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference. It eventually hit the console in March of this year.

The recent Xbox One port has helped push Black Desert Online‘s sales past the $1 billion mark. Indeed, Pearl Abyss ended up doubling the number of servers for that version due to how popular it was. Combined with the mobile ports, the game now boasts over 20 million registered users worldwide.

With this in mind, the impending PS4 version looks to expand the game’s reach even more. That said, Black Desert Online does have a bit more competition on PlayStation 4 with Final Fantasy 14. The Xbox One doesn’t have the latter after due to issues with Microsoft’s regulations on cross-platform play. However, Black Desert Online’s more action-focused design as well as its impressive visuals should help it attract a niche on Sony’s console.