Black Desert Online sales cross $1 billion milestone

Black Desert Online sales have crossed the magic $1 billion milestone after four years on the worldwide marketplace. The sales of this fantasy MMORPG have most recently been helped along with the release of an Xbox One version that pushed developer Pearl Abyss to more than double the number of servers available for that particular platform. Combined with offerings on PC, PS4, iPhone, and Android, Black Desert Online has managed to bring in an awful lot of money.

The studio behind Black Desert Online was originally formed in 2010 with just seven people. An early IPO (Initial Public Offering) made founder Dae Il-Kim a billionaire overnight, but he didn’t run off to a private island with the profits. Instead, he continued to work with the company and expand it to over 700 employees today, eventually leading to an acquisition of EVE Online developer CCP Games in 2018.

Black Desert Online was originally released in Korea, Japan, and Russia in 2015 before moving westward to North America and Europe in 2016. The game offers a mix of premium and free-to-play experiences depending on the platform, but the real money maker has more than likely been the massive amount of microtransactions available to players. Everything ranging from costumes to furniture and a slew of other objects are available through an in-game marketplace or a premium cash shop. Ultimately, this mix of initial premium purchases and microtransactions have resulted in over $1 billion in Black Desert Online sales.

The milestone hit by Black Desert Online sales is certainly a rarity in the gaming world; such a number is typically only hit by mobile games with heavy microtransactions or wildly popular blockbuster franchises. Considering how dedicated the player base for Korean MMORPGs can be, the odds are good that this game’s success can be credited to both. If you’d like to give Black Desert Online a whirl yourself, you can get started for $9.99 or your regional equivalent on Steam.