Windows social channels revert to Windows 1.0 for some reason

Microsoft‘s Windows social media channels are teasing something Windows 1.0-related, but it’s not clear what. The Windows Twitter and Instagram icons have reverted to the original Windows 1.0 logo and posted a video related to the strange change.

The video shows each of the Windows logos, winding back from Windows 10 to Windows 1.0, flashing in front of a cheesy, ’80s-inspired background to the tune of a synth beat. According to Engadget, the official Windows Instagram deleted all of its posts before posting an identical video.

In addition to posting the video and changing its icon, the Windows Twitter has also changed its header image to a photo (pictured below) of two people using an old computer equipped with Windows 1.0.

The Windows Twitter page is teasing something Windows 1.0-related.

The Windows Instagram and Twitter accounts have also begun posting various advertisements from the launch of Windows 1.0 in the mid-1980’s, hinting that the advertised programs could return this summer in some form. What that means is, well, not clear at this point.

As Engadget points out, some users have speculated that Windows 1.0’s original 1985 release could mean all this teasing has something to do with the upcoming Stranger Things season. Some Twitter users are simply embracing these ironic and nostalgic posts and others are demanding answers, but most are just confused.

The Windows Twitter account has responded to some of the video post’s replies, and it does seem that this is all literally referring to Windows 1.0. Perhaps the company plans to re-release it for some reason? Otherwise, it’s theoretically possible that this is all a tease for some Xbox One-esque, “Windows One” re-branding, but everything the accounts have posted as of writing is far too tongue-in-cheek to assume anything remotely serious.

Still, deleting all of the Windows Instagram posts does seem a little drastic. We’ll just have to wait and see what all this Windows 1.0 teasing is all about.